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About Abuse

Abuse can cover many areas from physical and emotional abuse to neglect. All forms of abuse can have a damaging and lasting effect. If you are looking for services and information around abuse this website holds information and services dedicated to:

Sexual violence

Sexual violence covers all forms of rape, sexual abuse and assault including childhood sexual abuse. Sexual violence can happen to anyone, male or female, from any class, age range or heritage. It effects everyone differently but common effects are flashbacks(unwanted thoughts or memories), depression/anxiety, PTSD, trauma, dissociation and panic attacks.

Survive are the only specialist sexual violence organisation for adults in North Yorkshire. They work with individuals 18+ in a number of ways including counselling, groups, emotional support and advocacy. A good first port of call for help or information around sexual violence in York and North Yorkshire is Survive’s website.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence often comes from family members such as partners, parents or children. This can cause huge difficulties for individuals seeking help as often they live with and love the people hurting them. Most domestic violence organisations will have at least 1 refuge so that indviduals can flee from the abuse to a safe place where they will be free from harm.

IDAS are the only specialist domestic violence organisation in North Yorkshire and operate through out the counties entirety. They have a verity of services including refuge, helplines, IDVAS (independent domestic violence advisers) and ISVAS (independent sexual violence advisers).

Child Abuse

Child abuse can come in many forms from physical and sexual violence to emotional, manipulative and neglect. Children are so very vulnerable and the abuse often comes from a care giver such as a family member or teacher. The NSPCC operates and has a place to see children and families in York. If you are an adult who has suffered child abuse then the services listed on this page may be able to help.

If you believe a child is in danger you can report to either NSPCC or The Children’s Front Door team.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is often overlooked and forms a huge part of the types of abuse listed above. If emotional abuse was part of the domestic, sexual or child abuse suffered the above organisations can help. While there are no specialist services (that the York Mental Health Directory is aware of) in York dedicated to emotional abuse, many of the organisations offering counselling such as 1-2-1 Counselling, York Women’s Counselling, York Mind and the Tuke Centre can help people work through the effects of emotional abuse.

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