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About Anger

Anger is something that everyone single person struggles with, we often hear people expressing regret at actions or behaviors which occurred when they were angry. There are common stressed which cause people to become angry such as driving (often called road rage). Often anger is a normal part of life, it is fleeting and doesn’t impact on normal life.

When anger does impact on your quality of life whether this is losing your temper to frequently or an inability to be angry at anyone then help generally needs to be sought. There are services that work with anger such as anger management programs. However often the anger is linked to a life event or series of life events. For example a male survivor of rape may feel a lot of pent up anger which spills over into his relationships, job and daily life. If you know the reasons where your anger comes from, such as sexual violence in the above example then a specialist service would probably be best placed to helping you with this. alternatively if the cause of your anger doesn’t seem apparent there are a couple of options such as the alternative to violence project or anger management courses and equivalent courses for expressing anger or a counselling service which could help you explore the cause of your anger or lack thereof.

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